Automate Logistics


Investing in logistics automation for warehouses and production can increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

Automation technologies and systems can automate and streamline tasks and processes in logistics and supply chain management, such as order picking, packing, and shipping. This can reduce labour costs, improve accuracy and reliability, and reduce time and effort in managing and moving materials and goods. Logistics automation can also provide real-time visibility into the movement and location of materials and goods, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and quickly respond to changes in customer demand or supply chain disruptions. Logistics automation can improve performance and competitiveness.

Automating logistics can be done by one of these two solutions.

Why Lynx?


At Lynx Automation, we work together with our clients with a long-term vision in mind. We prefer quality over quantity and aim to build a future-proof business together with you. We aim to maximize the ROI as our services are an investment for your business.

Highly experienced team

Our engineers have degrees from the best colleges and universities in Europe and enjoyed deep experience in software engineering, development and hardware solutions. This guarantees a high-quality project to solve your bottleneck.

Belgium-based, active WORLDWIDE

Our company is based in Belgium, close to the pounding heart of the European community: Brussels. Being situated very centrally on the crossroads of Europe, we can easily service any European company. Lynx Automation provides solutions for companies all around the globe.

High-quality support

The point we take the most pride in. Our no-nonsense back-office support service where our team is ready to help you out wherever necessary. Our tailormade solutions require exquisite after-support which we gladly provide.