Tailormade solutions


At Lynx Automation, we have an experienced team that can help you with a tailormade solution to resolve your problem. This varies from software development and machine operations to measurement of data and insights in analytics.

A perfect meal or delicious cocktail has certain ingredients that, mixed together, make up for a superb taste. In order to reach something similar to a superb taste, a maximized ROI via software and hardware solutions, Lynx Automation has also three ingredients to work with.

1. Data analysis

Data is key to making wise decisions. Make your databases smart by connecting them to your administration and machines. Real-time overview of your data allows you to optimize your business in the most proficient way.

2. Desktop applications

Your administration has certain processes described and designed. To allow perfect, error-free execution of your processes, flawless communication between your data, machines and processes are the key to success.

3. Machine automation

Your production and logistics need machines that work really well and as error-free as possible. To further optimize and gain insights in how your machines work and where low-hanging fruit situates to improve efficiency, streamless communication with your machines, databases and processes is vital.



Memory : Analytical
Use : Eyes, Ears & Intellect
Qualities : Curiosity & Reason
Skills : Reading, Analyzing & Understanding


Memory : Muscular
Use : Hands, Arms & Muscles
Qualities : Discipline & Concentration
Skills : Repeating, Assessing & Correcting


Memory : Emotional
Use : Heart & Full Body
Qualities : Sensitivity & Vulnerability
Skills : Feeling, Connecting & Imagining

Lynx Automation is your reliable partner in connecting software and hardware to improve your production & logistics.

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