Production & Logistics


Pick to Light, WMS, Software, etc

Lynx Automation is your reliable partner in connecting software and hardware to improve your production & logistics.


Lynx Automation was established in 1999. With over 20 years of experience in automation for different industries, we take pride in having built a specialized team of engineers whose only goal is to improve and automate your logistics and production processes. Get to know our team and story.

All our services are seamlessly integrated within your existing processes and systems for optimization and efficiency purposes.


Looking for a partner with professional and proficient solutions to run your business in a futureproof way?

Labour optimization

Reduce the number of meters per worker in your warehouse.

Real-time stock MNG

Don’t risk missing out on sales as certain raw materials, half-finished products or finished products can not be produced or run out of stock.

Quality improvement

Reduce the number of mistakes in your order picking system.

Automate logistics

Automate certain steps in your logistics process to operate more efficiently.

Facilitate order picking

Build efficient systems for stock management and (almost) error-free order picking within the least running meters possible.

Tailormade solutions

Via our three ingredients, we are able to provide solutions for basically every software-related problem.


Over 100 customers from all over the world have already put trust in our services.

Lynx Automation is active in the entire world. You can connect with us for all questions related to warehouse & logistics optimization and automation.
DAF is one of the happy clients of Lynx Automation from Belgium. We help them optimize their production in Geel, Belgium.
MSC is one of the happy clients of Lynx Automation from Belgium. We have helped them develop a software solution tailormade.
Henrad is one of the happy clients of Lynx Automation from Belgium. We help them optimize their warehouse & logistics.


Dedicated to serving a diverse range of industries and providing innovative solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges.


Pick to light systems reduce errors and increase efficiency for order picking.
Zebra is a quality hardware partner for mobile devices for warehouse and production facilities.
We happily supply Microsoft software to integrate within your existing software.
Interrol is our partner for internal transport systems.

Why Lynx?


At Lynx Automation, we work together with our clients with a long-term vision in mind. We prefer quality over quantity and aim to build a future-proof business together with you. We aim to maximize the ROI as our services are an investment for your business.

Highly experienced team

Our engineers have degrees from the best colleges and universities in Europe and enjoyed deep experience in software engineering, development and hardware solutions. This guarantees a high-quality project to solve your bottleneck.

Belgium-based, active WORLDWIDE

Our company is based in Belgium, close to the pounding heart of the European community: Brussels. Being situated very centrally on the crossroads of Europe, we can easily service any European company. Lynx Automation provides solutions for companies all around the globe.

High-quality support

The point we take the most pride in. Our no-nonsense back-office support service where our team is ready to help you out wherever necessary. Our tailormade solutions require exquisite after-support which we gladly provide.